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New Track - ‘Home Again’.

Salt goes with pepper like rice goes with peas. In the same way Gavin Christopher, Claudette CP Peters, Sleepy Edwards and Kenne Blessin have joined up to create and perform a perfect blend that culminates into this amazing new track.

‘Home Again’ has that vibrant, soca sound that catapults us to our feet so we can party even during the pandemic when we are predominantly stuck inside. But this clever title is also a nod to the guys unexpectedly working together again after 18 long years. Back then they were all part of band, ‘Da Bhann’ which had Claudette popping out the well known ‘Something Got A Hold On Me’, Sleepy putting his up-tempo energy on, ‘Dats Da Way We Jam’, and Kenne singing up a storm with the classic track, ‘My Love’. Other than ‘What’s Da Meaning of Love’ where all three singers featured, the team haven’t come together like this in nearly two decades. Infact, they even have their old keyboard player Dalton Dyer from TKO Production Studio, mixing and mastering the song. It truly is the team - or half the team - being back together for this unique project!

This new song initially written for just Claudette to sing, soon progressed and developed to became a collaboration. In the same way, the video was filmed naturally with little or no props - and yet each snippet jigsawed together beautifully creating a mirrored hype and vibe. It’s comedic, it’s joyful, it’s needed!

Though Gavin produced the track, with Sleepy, Claudette and Kenne banging out the vocals, it was all four who wrote it. They managed to create a song that shines just as brightly as previous projects, showing the magic is still present as they blend all the right elements making what is sure to prove, another perfect soca classic.

In these unique times when our lives are truly tested, when issues go far deeper than just our day to day trials and tribulations, the guys wanted to make a difference. Their intention was to uplift and bring hope, they wanted us to be reminded of our natural culture and what we so crave. They decided it was time to bring our vibrancy, our carnival back to us - and what better way to do it than through this track. Like a phoenix from the ashes, we can press play and let the party live inside! Jammin' in the bedroom, the kitchen, in every room we just need to let the music thrive in our homes. Music brings joy, it brings hope and in short, it makes us feel good!

Are you excited? Are you ready to be jammin’ to the beat? Just press play and enjoy their contagious vibrancy as it hits you square between the eyes!

The song is ready to purchase on all major outlets.

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