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Kenne Blessin - Working with DJ Kamar

Though he lives in Northampton, Kenne actually met DJ Kamar in Atlanta. Kamar is the brother of Damar the bass player of Jamrock Vibes Band.

Following their introduction, Kamar invited Kenne to shows and private events in Northamptonshire where he was playing with Reggaematik Band. He even asked Kenne to join them at a funeral wake party that the deceased had left money for. Kenne ran up on stage launching into 'Knocking on Heaven's Door' whilst Kamar and his bandmates played. It was most definitely a crowd pleaser.

The duo then began working on some productions including their remix of 'Touch' for Johnny Roxx and 'Wine 4 Me' (Kenne Blessin, DJ Kamar & Blacqcymeon). Kamar is a DJ, a keyboard player but also an artist. He is well known locally, hosts various parties and also invited Kenne to join him on the float at the Northampton Carnival. This gave Kenne an insight to both the similarities and differences between their Carnival celebrations compared to what he is used to in the Caribbean. It endorsed how much the Caribbean culture is loved and embraced both in the UK and Europe.

Photo / Video Gallery:

Kenne Blessin & DJ Kamar

'Wine 4 Me' (Kenne Blessin, DJ Kamar & Blacqcymeon)

'Touch’ (Johnny Roxx ft Kenne Blessin, DJ Kamar)

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