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Kenne Blessin - Working with DJ and Producer Johnny Roxx - Part 1...the facts.

We have heard Kenne talk about Johnny Roxx previously. He is one of the Producer/DJs who specialise in EDM Bass music. Born in Turkey but now residing in Switzerland, it was Johnny Roxx that Kenne worked with to create track ‘Touch’ (ft. DJ Kamar). But this wasn’t their only project, the guys have also worked on other songs and had the pleasure of performing together live.

I asked Kenne which other tracks they had worked on. “’Murdera’, ‘Get Wild!’ and ‘Wine Fi Di Money’. The first 2 reached the Zurich charts and I believe ‘Murdera’ was also played on BBC radio in the UK. Johnny is the consummate professional. It is good to work with a kindred spirit who takes his music as seriously as I do”.

Aside from these studio projects, Johnny Roxx has also invited Kenne to join him a couple of times at the Holi Festival of Colour in Switzerland. Johnny is a very popular DJ, often booked for large and popular events. He brought Kenne on stage to perform whilst he played his amazing party set. The crowd loved how this duo worked together. They hyped up the crowd creating an incredible atmosphere for all.

The two very different talents met again at last year’s famous Notting Hill Festival in London proving that an initial project can prove to be an amazing link.

We look forward to many more shows and many more collaborations.

Photo Gallery:

The Holi Festival of Colour, Zurich 2019...a montage

Johnny Roxx introducing Kenne to the stage

Kenne Blessin and Johnny Roxx

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