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Kenne Blessin - Working with a live band vs working with a PA system

I asked Kenne the pros and cons of working with both a live band and when using a PA system. Was one better and more effective than the other...?

"I come alive when performing with a band, it's different because we intertwine musically...I can feel every note that is being played. Whilst on stage, I make sure they know that, though I am the front line, I am no more important than any of the other members. We are all needed, each playing our own integral part.

With a PA I have to follow whatever is there. But, if I have a good - or my personal DJ, they will know when to turn it down or bring it back up...and then it sort of works like its own 'live band'. The energy is different.

With all, DJ or PA, they are still getting the same level of performance, but with a PA system I am unable to call on a particular instrument at any given time to 'break it up' and then have me jumping back in. I instead have to work with the backing tracks that have been prepared for the set. And, unlike with the band, if I make a mistake, I need to know how to improvise accordingly."

I think though Kenne a master at working with each and we as the audience get the same level of performance, it is clear which Kenne prefers working with and when he feels most alive on stage...!

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