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Kenne Blessin - The globetrotter

Where is he? Is it Atlanta, has he jumped across the pond to Europe - or maybe he is back in the Caribbean? I know Africa call for him, the Middle East need him and Asia is soon to get him.

Kenne is forever trotting across the Globe, making his mark. Putting his stamp. Leaving his trail of musical accomplishments. The audience call him back but the treadmill of life keeps pushing him on.

We see performances from the US, festivals in Switzerland, the UK and Canada. He does shows in the Emerald Isle, performs in London and gives us a video from his performance in Anguilla. But where next for our international supervoice?

Wherever it will be, guaranteed our ears will follow. And maybe, just maybe if we’re smart we’ll be standing in that next crowd that applauds, we’ll be hearing first hand the mix of honey and sugar, the sweet sound of Kenne Blessin.

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