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Kenne Blessin - Tallywackle

It seems that when asked which songs Kenne particularly known for in the Caribbean, the one that always seems to be in the mix is ‘Tallywackle’.

I asked Kenne to tell me how it came about, who he worked with on it and anything else he thought we may like to hear?

“Tallywackle was written during the time I was still working with band Da Bhann. After the split I was called by artist Tone A Voice, who was writing a beat that he said he would love me to be on.

I went by La Kru Band studio and whilst there ‘Tallywackle’ came back to my memory. I didn’t have to write a new song song as La Kru decided to put it on their album alongside Tone A Voice and call it ‘La Kru n Friends’. Sadly they never put Kenne Blessin on the credit of the album but put La Kru instead.

The song blew up on Zdk and various other islands radios. I traveled to Tortola, St Croix and so many more...and all from this song”.

And finally, I asked him to tell us where the name ‘Tallywackle”’ came from?

“The phrase came actually came by when I was visiting my neighbour who lived at the back of my mom’s house in Cassada Gardens, Antigua. She was talking to her sister about talkywackle. I asked them what it meant as I’d never heard it before. They told me it was the ‘male part’....and it was then that I decided to make a song from it.”

Now we sit back and listen to one of the Kenne Blessin Fan favourites. Just press play...

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