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Kenne Blessin - Studio set-up

I asked Kenne what the must haves are for his studio set up, this is what he told me:

"I need to be able work from anywhere and sometimes there may not be a studio close by that I can go to and so I must have the ability to set up my own mobile one. I therefore travel with a portable monitor, a microphone, headphones, sound card and obviously my laptop. This is so I can capture a vocal at any given moment. As you know, 95% of the producers I work with internationally I have never met and so wouldn't have them around me as I drop the vocals.

My home set up requires the same equipment but I do use two monitors giving me good flexibility and visibility with the projects I'm working on. I also have a sound booth, subwoofers and use acoustic foam etc. to obtain a clearer recording sound."

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