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Kenne Blessin - ‘Searching’

‘Searching’ was Kenne Blessin’s first official video from his debut album, ‘Get Up and Go’.

It was chosen because of it’s crowd appeal and because it was such an integral part of Kenne’s journey. The message it communicates is consistent with what the album is about.

Kenne told me, “It was the first song I ever did with producer, Chris Goldmind. He was one of the many producers Steve Morgan has introduced me to but Chris is amongst the few that I have a natural ‘working chemistry’ with. I have since collaborated with him on many projects and hope this continues way into the future.

‘Searching’ was created at the perfect time. I was in Antigua, constantly feeling at odds yet knowing I was searching for something. I just didn’t know what it was.

I now realise that I was spiritually finding myself; it didn’t matter where I was, nor what I was doing but that I needed to remember and recognise why Kenne Blessin was here.

I now know that everything happens for a reason. The road of life leads you to where you’re supposed to be led. ‘Searching’ evolved from my own personal growth. I wrote it whilst thinking about my life journey and then began wondering if those that heard it would also be inspired?

There is so much about ‘Searching’ that is dear to me. It was the song that made me realise music was truly my destiny, it’s what I’m here for. I need it and so will continue to do it.”

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