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Kenne Blessin - Radio interviews

As an artist, Kenne knows the necessity of radio interviews. His target audience are likely to be the ones who tune in. It is them that will likely love - or even hate - his sound. It is also a platform for getting news on projects out there and most importantly, getting his songs heard.

The listener can tune in to learn more about the artist and get an insight into their inspiration when writing a track and also glean news on future projects.

I asked Kenne to tell me who he had been interviewed by, where they were - and if he had any we could listen to....

“I’ve been interviewed by lots of radios n djs recently in Atlanta but also as far reaching as Belize, Kazakhstan, Europe and Africa. Some I do in person, others via the phone. The beauty of this media means that I can have a conversation with a station in Australia in the same way I can in London. I see it as my way of updating the fans, answering questions they have and getting my music heard. I have the greatest respect for the DJs that have interviewed me, it’s them that help push my music forward.”

Kenne’s interviews have included the following...and many more:

- The Wayne Hall Show, Reggae Vibes Radio

- DWC Radio with the late Empress Lioness R.I.P. and crew

- WRFG 89.3 fm with Red Carpet Shelley

- Victorious Radio 89.1 fm with DJ Blend

- Fresh Station Atlanta with DJ Roscopolo & - DJ TonyB - 106LiveRadio with DJ Ezzy B

- ModRadio with DeanoDJ

Here is some snippets for you to take a look at...please press on each to play..

106LiveRadio with DJ Ezzy B, Atlanta (December 2019)

Interview with DeanoDJ, ModRadio, London (August 2018)

Fresh Station, Atlanta with DJ Roscopolo & DJ TonyB

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