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Kenne Blessin - Quick Fire Q&A

Where do you sit with the Covid-19 theories? Are you cautious and taking seriously or if the mindset it is hyped up by the government/media?

A little of both. Clearly we see that the virus is spreading and we need to do what we can to get it under wraps but I am also interested in the theories that test what the government feeds to us. We aren’t robots and need to see things objectively rather than just what is fed to us through the media. On the lighter note, the Almighty is in control of this earth, and we should connect and with prayers more than ever.

What precautions are you personally taking?

Washing my hands, social distancing and I also take preventative measures...I drink lemon, honey and ginger tea every morning. Also garlic tea with a piece of thyme.

Has the coronavirus pandemic halted your travel completely?

As we know, flights are being cancelled and restrictions in place that is stopping travel for each of us. I am fortunate though to be in an industry that isn’t hindered completely if I am not there. Through social media and the power of technology I am still able to work with producers and push and promote from wherever I am at this given moment.

As a child, did you expect to be as global as you are? Did you know it would happen or did it just come about as your music progressed?

As a child, whenever I visited my aunt and my cousins, I would play games...I’d be the pilot in the tree taking them wherever their imaginations wanted to go. But I never thought I’d be flying as much as I do now. I also never thought I would be doing music.

Whether it is something you have received or something you have given, what in your opinion is the most perfect gift of all?

That’s easy, the gift of life.

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