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Kenne Blessin - Quick fire Q&A

What’s the favourite of the hairstyles you’ve had?

I loved when I had locks

How many songs do you think you have written during the course of your career?

I currently have a lot of songs registered with me as the singer/songwriter. Too many to mention. Sometimes a radio DJ, a friend or my brother may remind me of songs I have done before.

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Yes, I think so. I occasionally eat a cake but always will sweeten my tea with honey and/or brown sugar.

Have you ever waterskied?

No, but I remember taking a boat out in Italy and got lost at sea. I have also enjoyed being out on a jet ski. I love being near the ocean.

Do you have a favourite designer?

Not really, I tend to mix and match expensive with affordable fashion. You’re as likely to see me in a pair of expensive trainers as you are in some much cheaper jeans.

What is the longest set you have ever done?

The longest was a gig which lasted 3hrs + duration. Gigs tend to last longer than shows.

Have you ever forgotten the words to a song when performing?

Of course...but I’m a very good Improviser!

We are seeing lots in the press about the coronavirus epidemic that is spreading, are you taking any precautions especially given the amount of travel?

Yes, I am taking a lot of precautionary measures and though flights being cancelled and travel restricted, I will continue to travel where musically possible. I will also wear a mask if needed.

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