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Kenne Blessin - Quick Fire Q&A

Do you think all the Caribbean islands similar or are their differences between them?

Of course there are similarities between them, there has to be but I think they all have their own spirit and individuality. Dominica so unspoilt and lush because of the rainfall, Antigua full of beautiful beaches - but of all the islands, Jamaica for me holds everything. It is one of the most powerful islands musically, it comes with a beautiful landscape and is where I truly feel ‘me’.

When do you plan to return there?

I will be heading there very soon

What will you do there?

Aside from visiting family members, my whole focus will be my music

Favourite Caribbean beach?

I love Pigeon Point Beach in Antigua

Do you like to cook and if yes, what is your favourite recipe?

Cooking is an art to me just like music. When I’m cooking it’s a whole mood. I never follow a recipe, it takes time and shouldn't be rushed. I season and let the flavours do the work. And no, I don’t have a favourite recipe.

Do you have a morning routine?

I start every day drinking ginger tea and doing my morning meditation. This is when I get my mind focused and right.

Do you have any vacations planned?

No. My sole focus right now is my music. I dont have time to kick back. I want to drive my music forward, this takes hard work and total dedication.

If you had to ’grab and go’ on a trip with just 5 mins to pack...what would be included?

My passport obviously, my laptop, sunglasses, cologne and my clothes.

Where next?

Next stop - USA - UK - and somewhere in the Caribbean

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