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Kenne Blessin - Quick Fire Q&A

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Where did you start your musical journey?

Yallahs, St Thomas Jamaica with my family father was actually my first producer and I also worked with both my cousin Chapter Nyne and uncle Jucee.

Who has been the biggest musical inspiration to you?

There are so many, I don’t just have one. But to be honest when I think of who inspired music to me it was my Grandpa. He would listen to vinyls and that’s what I grew up listening to.

So who did he listen to?

All the Jim Reeves, Peter Tosh etc. But for me I also loved Luciano, Garnett Silk, Sizzla, Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill. I just love music.

What was the first song you ever sang?

The National Anthem for Jamaica

What was the last song you performed live?

Purple Rain. It’s often, depending on the show, the song that finishes off the night. A fan favourite.

What is the name of your debut album?

Get Up And Go.

Where was your debut album written?

It started in Antigua where I wrote the first track ‘Searching’ (harmonised by Asher Otto, Claudette Peters and Alex Matthias, the keyboard player of the band I was with at the time). But the rest was in Atlanta, Georgia in my ex-Managers garage where I had my studio.

What’s your favourite track on it?

I think ‘Don’t Lose Your Way’ but the fans, particularly in Europe, have responded best to ’More Reggae’.

Who is your all time favourite artist?

Lukie D

Of all the music genres, which is your favourite?

Oh my...I was born into dancehall reggae but if honest, I get a different type of feeling when it comes to Soca. But no, I love reggae. Definitely reggae.

Anything else on that you would like to add?

Yes. The more I live music the more all the genres speak to me. Johnny Roxx and The Peacemakers etc. introduced me to Dancehall, Electronic, EDM which I love. I constantly listen to Alternative. Even working and singing in a rock band inspired me not only for Rock but all of the genres

Name the last super selling artists that you have met/performed with?

I performed a few weeks ago as a starter for Wayne Wonder and it was there I was introduced to Sean Paul. I’ve also worked with Shaggy, Maxi Priest and Percy Sledge. Oh and at the Blackheath Festival in London last year I met Rag and Bone Man and Aswad who were both performing.

Have you ever had a mishap on stage?

Yes, when I was performing with Da Bhann in English Harbour, Antigua I fell through the middle of the stage and when I came back round to continue the show the whole crowd and the band were on the floor when you think of it, it was just me left on my feet.

Do you remember what you were singing?

Yes and don’t laugh. It was Skip to My Lou. I’m serious.

What’s your favourite drink?

Guinness but as long as Spirit is in My Cup Oh Oh Oh

Who - alive or dead - would join your fantasy dinner table?

So many to mention, family, friends and aspiring people but I don’t do fantasy.

Name 5 bands you have worked with?

Ruffkutt Band in Jamaica, Da Bhann, Itchy Feet, Taxik Band, Foreplay Band...also Jamrock, Revolution, 3rdegree Band. And there’s more..

Finally, what are your Rider requests?

Bottle of Hennessy, Cranberry juice, Coke, Fresh lime, Ice, Fresh fruit, Water, Red bull.

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