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Kenne Blessin - On the music wheel

Some have an opportunity just fall in their lap...right place, right time. But for others it’s about creating moments, ensuring the work and the promotion continues, doesn’t stop. Kenne wakes...and gets to work. He eats...then gets to work. He performs and yet the work continues. Promotion, follow ups, press, interviews. He is on the wheel of music that just keeps on spinning.

As an artist you must put yourself both infront of but also make sure you work with the right audience. You need to gage your craft to hit the target of listener appeal. And if you can be in the right place at just the right time then you may have just found that perfect jigsaw piece that slots right in. Suddenly the hard work, the promotion, everything will make sense.

Kenne has been fortunate to work and be around some of the industry greats...Shaggy, Freddie McGregor, Morgan Heritage, Wayne Wonder and Maxi Priest to name but a few. He draws inspiration from their success. He respects their achievement but watches so he can truly learn. Their knowledge goes in his memory bank in the hope it will make him a better artist, keep him humble and keep the audience engaged.

Photo Gallery

Kenne following a recent performance where he started for Wayne Wonder. Sean Paul came to watch the show.

Photo - from Left to Right (top to bottom): Sean Paul, Kenne Blessin, Delly Ranks, Fans

Video footage of Wayne Wonder with Kenne Blessin

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