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Kenne Blessin - On the grind

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Kenne’s life is music. Eats, sleeps, writes music. With over 100 original tracks, 1000s of hours on stage and day after day in the studio, we see how Kenne has dedicated his life to music. He is and forever will be on the grind.

We have enjoyed so many old favourites including the classic zouk ‘My Love’, ‘Tallywackle‘, ‘On Fire’, ‘Ants In Yuh Sugar’ and his spectacular cover version of Simply Red’s ‘Holding back the years’. We have danced to his debut album ‘Get up and go‘ and we now find ourselves asking what else? What next? How long? But we are safe in the knowledge that there is more. And will be more still. Kenne keeps creating, we keep enjoying. His grind is our guaranteed pleasure.

Whether it be old or new, we know it will have the Blessin ingredients that create his unique blend and brand. We can choose a dash of reggae, a slice of soca, or a sprinkle of RnB, Dancehall or Dance/Electronic but always knowing that we will chomp on what is the unique Kenne Blessin flow.

Stay on the grind Kenne. We need it.


Kenne with Producer and DJ Johnny Roxx

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