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Kenne Blessin - Mr Spontaneous

Most of the time when Kenne performs, it’s booked, planned, rehearsed and a formal show. There is a process. But sometimes an opportunity falls into the lap of the crowd and something unexpected happens.

About 8 years ago, Kenne was in New York enroute back to his hotel following a concert when he was invited to have a drink at a local Italian restaurant that he was passing. As he sat at the sit-up bar a conversation struck between him and the barman. It was established that Kenne was an artist and, upon hearing about his music, he was immediately invited back to perform the following night.

Kenne returned and to the establishment and patrons’ surprise sang a host of his own songs plus some Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder classics. The crowd including the late blockbuster actor, Vince Vella, were blown away by this electric performance. It was unexpected and memorable.

Similarly, during a recent trip to London, Kenne walked into a bar that was hosting an Open Mic session. Upon realising that Kenne was there, the host of the night invited him to perform with her on stage. Whilst she played the guitar, Kenne sang. Another great and unexpected moment.

Sometimes, all the planning in the world doesn’t provide those sparkling, diamond moments that come with spontenaity.

Click on the image below to enjoy Kenne’s performance....


Video from Open Mic with Zoe in Crystal Palace, London

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