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Kenne Blessin - Look back on EP launch

On March 6th Kenne Blessin released his EP ‘Millions’. Since then we have afforded you the opportunity to sit back and listen day by day to each track. I asked Kenne his thoughts on how the week went and any feedback he had received. Where was it being played, what we should now expect and what next. This is what he told me..,

“Since it’s release, both myself and Chris Goldmind, the producer have been receiving positive feedback. The fans seem to love how different it is to my debut album ‘Get Up & Go’. They are telling me that they love the different styles on the tracks and yet it still all Kenne Blessin.

You can now get the full EP mixtape with DJ Kenny, 3D Banging...and there are more DJs to come. You can find on YouTube and SoundCloud and our plan is to really push and promote the songs. Though we will be pushing predominantly in Jamaica, because of its international sound, the EP is being promoted globally. The tracks will be heard on the radio but we will have to wait for the stage until the situation with Coronavirus subsides. To all my family, friends and fans, near and far...please stay safe.“

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