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Kenne Blessin - Keeping pain free in London

While in the UK Kenne takes his music seriously, London embraces reggae music, it is now part of their music culture and as such Kenne feels inspiration whilst there. Most importantly it is somewhere that he can focus on keeping his body pain free. We have already heard that Kenne requires daily stretches and exercise to combat his nerve damage, but in London he was advised to find a gym that would not only maintain good fitness but also improve his health. Kenne chose the David Lloyd gym in Beckenham as it had a reputation for housing the latest equipment but most importantly, because of its state of the art spa which he uses to assist with his back therapy. Post work out, Kenne frequents the jacuzzi jets, steam room, hydrospa and heated relaxation beds. For most of us this a treat, for Kenne a necessity.

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