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Kenne Blessin - Is it in the genes?

We know he comes from a music legacy but what does that really mean for Kenne? It seems his journey began with his family in Jamaica. They know music, always have. They wrote, produced and moved together. His father, his uncles, cousin...they all formed the Lions Den crew and it was from those foundations that he progressed. But is his talent just inherited? And has he passed his talent on?

We know he lives his craft. He writes, performs and perfects but how much is learnt and how much is just there, in the genes? If we look back we see the older family generation, if we look beside he has a singing sister, a cousin - and if we look forward we see a singing daughter. All talented, all gifted but will they all make it? We know it takes more than an inherited gift, it takes dedication. Put them both together and how can he fail. He does it all.

Video Gallery

The first video is of Kenne singing along in the car with his sister Kirshian.

Now check out Maleah, his last born. She’s good but why wouldn’t she be. It’s in the genes.

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