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Kenne Blessin - Is he self taught or does Kenne come with a formal education?

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

So many of us come with a skill set because of passing exams, obtaining certification from a formal education - or even training under an apprenticeship. Is that true of Kenne? To my surprise, my assumption had been that he had years of musical training but I was wrong. He is completely self taught.

How is it then that he achieves an artistic skill that produces the musical quality as good as he does? Or do we see glaring gaps in what he creates? Are those who learnt from teachers and lecturers better at music because they sat in a classroom? Can Kenne hope to be top of his game solely because of his gift - or is there more to do?

When I asked him if a musical education offered, would he take it? Without a beat he answers a resounding YES. But until then he realises that life is a continuous learning journey. He will continue to be taught not from the formal education he craves but because he is an eager student generally. He tries to surround himself with the knowledge he researches and with those that have already perfected their craft. Sometimes we learn most when we just watch and listen.

Kenne Blessin has the ability to capture a vocal before sending the file to a producer. He has the ability to create a beat and he can sit in his studio writing a song from fruition and then see it right through to mastering. If you ask him what, aside from his voice, he was blessed with, he says his ears. He just hears it.

Kenne has spent years observing how a sound engineer ‘mends’ a track, the process of production when the producer works on a song. It is with this knowledge that Kenne equipped himself with the ability to produce, to master and even now he uses what he has picked up as he enters the video production world.

This ability doesn’t nor shouldn’t detract from the amazing producers and peers that Kenne has worked and continues to work with. Hugh Campbell produced both the Ed Sheeran cover ‘Perfect’ and Simply Red’s ‘Holding back the Years’ - and Chris Dane Duffus of Goldmind Productions worked on Kenne’s debut album ‘Get up and Go’ plus various singles. He has created tracks with the likes of Peacemakers, Johnny Roxx, Weedy G to name but a few as well as Yungg Trip, Kalibandulu, Kasey Philips and Boom Production. For all, Kenne defers to their expertise. He never forgets that it is via these talented men that he has watched and learned that makes him the well rounded artist he is today.

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