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Kenne Blessin - Is grateful

“I am grateful for February 11th.

I am grateful for my unplanned arrival to this earth, to my mother who had me at such a tender age.

I am grateful for being determined to improve so that it makes me a better man.

I am grateful for the people who were always there for me and for those who are behind the scenes supporting me.

I am grateful for my friends and for the family who introduced me to music.

I am grateful for my adversaries, though often unaware whilst they fought against me, I use their actions as my stepping stones to success.

I am grateful to those who encouraged me not to just stand still on the stage with my eyes closed until the song had finished, but to open them wide, to move and to entertain.

I am grateful I didn’t allow myself to give up.

I am grateful to continue my life lessons, to learn new skills and perfect the old.

I am grateful for so much. For life, to be inspired, to inspire.

I am grateful for my children and the limited time I have with them, but for them to know I love them unconditionally.

I am grateful for everybody and everything.

Finally I am grateful to the most high for giving me the knowledge to see my blessings and appreciate them”.

Kenne Blessin, 11th February 2020

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