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Kenne Blessin - International travel

Kenne is an international traveller. His career and his blessings require him to make frequent trips across the globe and as such, he quickly adapts to the culture of the place that he is in at any given time. One day he may be driving on the right in the US or certain parts of Europe, the next on the left in London or the Caribbean. By the same token he adapts his palette to the local cuisine but Kenne is always mindful of where he is and respectful of each nation’s way of doing things. When visiting places such as Japan, Kenne is very conscious that he is in a place where showing respect for their beloved culture is essential. He does his research before entering thus ensuring he is mindful of his environment.

In Europe they may have different produce and seasoning to that of the Caribbean. During a recent trip, Kenne was unable to have his Caribbean dish as the food just wasn't available...but give him a grocery store and the kitchen will come alive!

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