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Kenne Blessin - ‘Holding Back The Years’

I asked Kenne to talk me through how he came to record the Simply Red cover ‘Holding Back the Years’, this what he told me...

“I was singing at ‘Footprints’ in Lawrenceville GA with Revolution Band, we were actually opening for a Freddie McGregor show at the time. Shayne, the lead singer told me there was a producer who was looking for someone to record a cover.

He linked me to meet up with Hugh Campbell who sent the song so I could listen to it before we met. He booked a date for us to meet up in Covington to work on the track - and also mentioned we were going to do a video for it. I didn’t know what to expect and so went ready to work and with an open mind. The video ended up being done as a studio shoot and from there it became my first debut cover single.

Hugh and I have since recorded ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran and have 2 more projects we are currently working on. One I’m unsure of, the other I prefer and look forward to releasing.

‘Holding Back The Years’ was created and actually resonated to my life as the perfect song. People assume that I never feel the urge to give up, what they don’t realise is that songs like this one actually give me the strength to carry on”.

Final retrospective thoughts from Kenne:

”I do believe that life happens for a reason, meeting Revolution Band was actually following my running up on stage and singing ‘She’s Royal’, for Taurus Riley. The band were interested to work with me and at the end of that night the venue owner pulled me to the back of the club asking how I would feel about opening a show for Freddie McGregor. We negotiated my fee and the show was booked. Looking back I see the project evolving from my singing ‘She’s Royal’, meeting the band who in turn introduced me to Hugh…

Life has its own way of working out. Hugh Campbell and I have worked together for many years and I hope we have many more projects to come.”

Now sit back and press play...

Photo Gallery

Kenne Blessin performing with Revolution Band

Kenne with Shayne, Revolution Band Lead Singer

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