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Kenne Blessin - Growing up in Jamaica

Kenne is a proud Jamaican. He was born in Kingston but at aged 9 moved to Yallahs, St Thomas to live with his Grandparents. Family is important to Kenne, he is still very close to his parents and also describes a special bond with his late maternal grandmother. ”she was more like a mom than a grandma to me. She taught me table etiquette so how to use a knife and fork correctly and introduced me to the West side of Jamaica“.

Kenne went to school at Morant Bay High making lifelong brethren. ‘The Group’ speak daily and all keep the Jamaican flavour flowing; their messages are back and forth all day every day, proving if a bond is strong enough it withholds the pressure of time and place.

I asked Kenne describe a typical day growing up in Jamaica, this is what he said...”I was always playing soccer, going to the beach or river and then we would spend lots of time at the studio or often we would head to a show. Actually I have just written a track for my EP that describes what I remember from growing up there”.

Dem Time Deh (Goldmind Production)

Photo Gallery:

Kenne and virtually matching outfits, maybe she had a little extra material for his shirt...

Kenne as a small boy with his younger brother Donnel

Kenne on a recent Jamaican trip ensuring grandma also got to enjoy the ‘Bath Fountain’ In St Thomas

Early years in Jamaica

Left to Right: Kenne with his Aunt Theresa, his mother and his Aunt Rosie

Kenne visiting his Aunt and cousins in the country

Swipe left: Kenne with his cousins, with Otis and with his Auntie Precious

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