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Kenne Blessin - EP Track / Gyal Bad

‘Gyal Bad‘ is Track no. 1 on Kenne Blessin’s EP ‘Millions’. He says that it is made for the ladies to express every body nerve when dancing or gyrating to dancehall.

“Gyal bad nuh whoi

She ah whining pro

Dung to da ground

Gyal whining slow

Hands pon yuh knee

Make bumper show,

Hot like de sun yuh know”.

Whilst the Riddim was originally created by Kenne, when he sent the files to Chris he balanced and “added the formula”. He says, “We needed a song, a summer dancing song that had a dancehall flavour with a pinch of cross over...and “Gyal Bad” is just that.“

This particular track is also on the ‘Dancing Pro Riddim’ compilation featuring various artists.

Click on the image below to play this track...

PLEASE NOTE:- The EP is available to purchase on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify...and all major outlets. For ease click on image below:

Also, don’t forget Kenne’s debut album, ‘Get Up & Go’ is also available for purchase.

Video Gallery

Promotional video for 'Gyal Bad', written and performed by Kenne Blessin and produced by Chris Goldmind.

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