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Kenne Blessin - EP Track / Dem Time Deh

We jump now to Track No. 5 on the EP ‘Millions’ (you’ve already enjoyed no. 4!). This next one is my absolute favourite from Kenne’s latest collection. It is entitled ‘Dem Time Deh’ and is based on his own life. As Kenne sings, it makes you feel like you are taking the journey through his memories with him. He told me that he made this beat and just like with ‘Gyal Bad’, sent the files to Chris Goldmind who added the finishing touches.

When asked what inspired this style, Kenne explained “I tried to use a different vocal...a 90s we would say ‘Ragga Muffin lingua’ to express the story.”

See if you love this track as much as I do, click on the image to play...

PLEASE NOTE:- The EP is available to purchase on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify...and all major outlets. For ease click on image below:

Don’t forget, Kenne’s debut album ‘Get Up & Go’ is also available to purchase.

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