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Kenne Blessin - EP Track / Dem Nuh Know

‘Dem Nuh Know’ is No. 6 and the final track from Kenne Blessin’s EP’Millions’.

So often, particularly through social media, we assume everyone is strong, happy and living their best life. However in this track Kenne gives us a candid reality of how he often feels. It’s sobering but he wanted friends, family and fans alike to know the countless times he has wanted to throw in the towel and give up.

“Due to stereotyping undermining and life issues, we all go through trials n tribulations but this song is saying That even though I come close to feeling as low and giving up, there is a force that keeps me going. I believe this track was needed On the EP. It was the last song I recorded and took a few days before I was satisfied with what melody and content I wanted on the track”.

Click on the image to enjoy ‘Dem Nuh Know’...

PLEASE NOTE:- The EP is available to purchase on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify...and all major outlets. For ease click on image below:

Don’t forget, Kenne’s debut album ‘Get Up & Go’ is also available to purchase.

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