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Kenne Blessin - EP Track / Beat It Up

‘Beat It Up’ is No. 2 on Kenne Blessin’s EP ‘Millions’.

When Chris Goldmind sent through the beat, it was unexpected but Kenne liked the challenge. He listened and decided to put some Atlanta ‘Trap’ flavour to it.

”I’ve worked with New Orleans finest Unykue before. Artist, Lil Zane introduced us, she hosts lots of events in and around Atlanta and so when I asked if she would be on this track, I was grateful when, without hesitation, she said yes.

This track inspired me to put a trap spin with a dancehall mood to the settings. It was only right that “Beat It Up” was created.”

Click on the image below to play this track...

PLEASE NOTE:- The EP is available to purchase on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify...and all major outlets. For ease click on image below:

Also, Kenne’s debut album ‘Get Up & Go’ is also available for purchase!

Video/Photo Gallery:


Promotional video for 'Gyal Bad', written and performed by Kenne Blessin and produced by Chris Goldmind.

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