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Kenne Blessin- Does he have it easy?

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

We know Kenne is Jamaica born, but does this automatically mean he will have his songs accepted anywhere - or does each country favour their own? Can music be unbiased, accepted for its global appeal? Does it matter where a singer is from, if the sound is right?

We know Antigua as a proud and patriotic nation. It was they that generously introduced Kenne to Soca where he sang the Trinidad favourite ’My Love’ (Da Bhann). It was also there that Kenne spent many years mastering his craft. With each interview, should he always acknowledge and appreciate their guidance unconditionally - and by the same token, should they then automatically enjoy and accept what he produces if it’s good?

Is loyalty - or should loyalty be present...from both sides?

While you ponder, I’ll tell you what I think. I believe it’s the music that should speak - or sing - for itself. If the song worthy it is our responsibility as the listener, regardless of colour, creed or geography to just respect the sound. If we love it it’s without bias, we accept it and realise that what makes a singer great is all the elements that have brought him to that newest track.

Kenne’s latest Soca track, ‘Baddest, Baddest Best Whine’ (Soca Syrup Riddim) brings us into 2020 with a perfect blend of groove and pulsating vibe! It has Kenne’s signature Caribbean sound that will reach you. Have a listen and see if you agree it a great Soca song to start this newest decade...

Kenne Blessin - Baddest Baddest Best Whine (Soca syrup Riddim)

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Soca Syrup Write Up!

A sweetness blend with condiments of Caribbean flavor is what SKN/VI Boom Productions house calls his first 2020 Groovy Riddim entitled “Soca Syrup.” A sweet groove meshed together with a pulsation of vybz. To Make certain that this syrup is just right, “Boom Productions” linked up with “Baby Musik” from the US Virgin Islands, “Benje” from the Bahamas, “Nickhail” from Saint Kitts & Nevis and “Kenne Blessin” from Antigua & Barbuda. Together they evoke an inevitably sweet and irresistible musical rush that causes the Human spirit to gravitate towards This musical Vibration!!!

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