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Kenne Blessin - Debut album, Get up and Go

During a recent interview I asked artist, Kenne Blessin where he wrote debut album ‘Get up and Go’. We now know the writing started in Antigua where he created his official video track ‘Searching’ and from there wrote the rest from a garage in Atlanta. It’s incredible to think his surroundings didn’t hinder the quality of his work. We are safe in the knowledge that his material came from within. As he put pen to paper or hit that first note it was truly all Kenne Blessin.

Many singers draw themes of songs from life experience. It seems that is also true for this artist. Through his struggle of acceptance, he was forced to ‘get up and go’. He wanted to overcome the daily battle and thrive. It became his mission through the album to not only reflect on his life but also to inspire others so they too could progress on their own journey.

We hear ’In this Life’ about Kenne as a shy boy - and through ‘Searching’, ‘Don’t Lose your way’ and ‘We Pray’ we see how he grows and makes it his mission to achieve. We see a thread of Kenne’s faith in Jah during the log of songs thus giving us insight to Kenne’s spirituality. And by this, him as a person. We know he was shy. Is he still now? We know he had struggles. Have the demons disappeared?

The joy of ‘More Reggae’ gives us hope and also brings Kenne full circle back to his music heritage. Written by Kenne and produced in October 2014 by Chris Dane Duffus of Goldmind productions, this album is roots reggae to its core. We are replete on the Kenne Blessin sound and are also gifted the bonus of many of the album tracks put to video screen. This evokes enjoyment via another sense adding to our enjoyment of what is a clever and inspirational collection on songs.

I sat and listened to each track again and again last night. I find Kenne’s album inspirational, raw and true. It gives me a window to look through at Kenne. But I believe that what it sings to me may not necessarily be the same for the rest. Does it hit your core? Do you like the sound? My suggestion is that you hit ‘play’ to find out...

Don’t forget, Kenne has a brand new EP coming out in 2020! The rumour mill say it’s completely something to be excited about!

Further Information:

Album available to purchase via iTunes, Spotify, Google, Pandora, Deezer, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Yande, Google Play, Amazon, Apple Music...infact all major outlets. See below link.

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