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Kenne Blessin - Damaged but not broken

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Did you know that Kenne was in a serious car accident a couple of years ago, almost crippled? And even today goes through pain, muscle spasms due to the nerve damage that was caused.

It happened as Kenne was driving home from a show; the other car misjudged the junction and careered into the door at Kenne’s side. The impact caused the airbags to release and an ambulance to be called.

Kenne sustained serious injury. His spine was shunted out of alignment causing excruciating pain and a lopsidedness as he walked. It took months of rehabilitation and daily chiropractic and decompression treatments to pull Kenne’s back into alignment. Even now he requires daily treatment. He stretches and hangs by his feet...actually gravity keep his spine straight. If the spine moves back to the injured position it touches the nerves and brings the awful, awful pain back.

He was fortunate though, could have been killed. Kenne Blessin was blessed. His maker looked after him, a split second later, an inch closer and it could have been worse. So much worse.

In the days that followed his accident Kenne couldn’t perform. He was unable to stand for more than a few moments. He limped, didn’t walk. His confidence in whether he’d be back was shattered. No guarantees. But even when things rock bottom, he still kept music close. He may not have been on stage but he would still spend hours with his mobile mic and laptop, whether it be lying - or on good days sitting - in the studio, creating songs. Though the exercise improved the physical, it was music that mended him spiritually.

To look at Kenne now, you’d never know. He has proven through determination that we can overcome what life throws at us. He also know that in life you are always going to have those who carry bitterness, are secretly glad at your downfall. But if we are strong spiritually and carry Kenne’s determination, we can overcome adversity and put the badminded in their place by just proving them wrong. Touché Kenne.

Photo Gallery

Some pictures shortly after Kenne's accident:

Video footage showing both the car post accident and Kenne immediately following the collision. Background track is 'Don't Lose Your Way' by Kenne Blessin:

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