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Kenne Blessin - Collaborating with Peacemakers

Kenne was approached by Italian-based producers, Peacemakers to feature on both their Trap hit, 'The Flame' and Electronic sound 'Feels Right'. In the normal way they beat was sent and Kenne added his vocals before the Italian crew mastered and created two amazing tracks.

"The guys are amongst the best producers I have ever worked with. They are clear with their vision and efficient in their working, I wouldn't hesitate to be on future projects with them."

The Flame was written and produced a few years ago, it has been remixed several times though is still relevant today. The second track 'Feels Right' was produced by both Peacemakers and Thug for Less - and features Kenne Blessin and Jendayi. Both carry Peacemakers signature style and yet are still very different.

To hear both tracks, just press 'play'...

Peacemakers - ‘The Flame’ (Ft. Kenne Blessin)

Peacemakers & Thug For Less - ‘Feels Right’ (Ft. Kenne Blessin & Jendayi)

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