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Kenne Blessin - Collaborating with DJs

We often hear about artists collaborating with other artists, but Kenne is often approached by producers/DJs of the Basshall EDM world. These include Johnny Roxx, Yungg Trip, Peacemakers, Kalibandulu, Don & Visco and DJ Kamar, who is both a DJ and keyboardist.

The process when working with these producers is normally that they send Kenne a beat, he then records vocals which he passes back. More often than not the producer will tweak the vocal but on the odd occasion, they may accept the first take.... and 98% of times (Kenne was very specific!!) they take his vocals and ‘trap it up’,. This is when they change the voice to a higher or lower pitch according to what they want for their EDM Techno sound. Once happy, they will send back the finished product. Kenne as the artist will be featured on their track displaying their music sound.

I have put below a couple of examples displaying Kenne’s collaborations with these DJs. Please press ‘play’, sit back and enjoy...

'Going back' (Dob & Visco)

‘We Tun It Up’ (Kalibandulu & Yungg Trip)

‘Touch’ (Johnny Roxx ft Kenne Blessin, DJ Kamar)

‘The Flame’ (Peacemakers ft Kenne Blessin)

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