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Be Grateful

As we entered into the new year, many of us looked back on 2020 and thought about the pandemic, loss and all the things that weren’t. Kenne Blessin’s viewpoint is different. He views life from a different perspective. He instead entered 2021 grateful for what was, what is and what is yet to be. As his name suggests, he counts his blessings. His new track entitled ‘Be Grateful’ focuses on the good rather than the bad and the ugly. It was written and performed by Kenne and produced by billboard beat maker, Alz Music. So I put it to you, instead of thinking about what didn’t happen, let us listen to this track and focus on what did change, the good that came, the blessings we had and the fact that we are here. Alive. Fighting for another new day. Let's 'Be Grateful'. 2021 is a new year, a new hope. Like so many of his tracks, Kenne manages to blend his unique voice with yet another vibe but still highlighting his signature Caribbean flavour. Click on the picture below to enjoy this new and powerful track. And if your preference is to listen to an acoustic version, click on the that which sits beneath.

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